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Machine Learning: Basic Terms for Dummies

Machine learning is becoming increasingly relevant today in trying to solve a host of problems. Essentially you are writing programs which are learning and getting better at doing something as more data is made available to them.  A program gets better at telling users which products they might like as it learns more about user preferences and similarities between users. Continue reading “Machine Learning: Basic Terms for Dummies”

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Writing Custom Alexa Skills using AWS Lamdba and Python

In this tutorial, we will learn to write an Alexa skill and publish it for certification. We will use AWS Lambda to host the code which will be used to implement the skill.

When you write an Alexa skill it generally involves two set of activities.

  1. Writing a service which will perform the tasks/actions of your new skill. This is the part we will write in AWS Lambda. You can host this service yourself too if you want to by hosting it on a web server and providing an HTTPS endpoint. Lambda just takes cares of many aspects of this and makes it easier to integrate with Alexa
  2. Configuring your skill in amazon developer portal (name, words associated with your skill, how to invoke it etc) and linking it to your service.

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My New Book : PostgreSQL Server Programming

My new book PostgreSQL Server Programming – 2nd Edition is now available on all major online retailers.

This book will show you that PostgreSQL is so much more than a database server. In fact, it could even be seen as an application development framework, with the added bonuses of transaction support, massive data storage, journaling, recovery, and a host of other features that the PostgreSQL engine provides. Continue reading “My New Book : PostgreSQL Server Programming”

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Autovacuum Internals (From 2008)

I wrote this entry for planet postgreql back in 2008. I am posting it here again not to lose it. The details here are a bit out of date but some of them might still be relevant.

Autovacuum, something that comes up a lot when you talk about PostgreSQL maintainence, and it is relatively new, started from PostgreSQL 8.1 to be part of the backend proper. Before that it was a contrib module IIRC. In the generally excellent PotgreSQL documentation you can find its reference here however i will also try and state a few things about autovaccum which are not in docs but perhaps should be, i will also try to keep it as end-userish as possible. Continue reading “Autovacuum Internals (From 2008)”

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Nginx Module Extension

My new book Nginx Module Extension is now out on all major online retailers. You will find this as a one stop guide to getting familiar with nginx module system and how to install and configure HTTP and 3rd party modules. The unique thing about this book is a chapter on how to write your own nginx module. Open source is all about creating for yourself and others what doesn’t already exist. Hope nginx users and developers will find it useful.

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Speed of Thought – Why is speed the killer feature

Losing your software user’s attention is a matter of seconds, or probably just one second. That is why you must strive very very hard to make sure the application has sub-second response times. Speed of your application, is still The Killer Feature. Here is why

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Anti-Caching a better way to do memory management for database systems

I have been confused about this for half a month until i figured this out. So what is Anti-Caching? And why is it needed? How is it different from the traditional buffer-pool system in all the databases today?

Dr. Stonebraker gave a talk where a small part of it talks about “Anti-Caching”. It is supposed to be a better way to use memory with databases dealing in large datasets

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